We all are just barely entered the 6th Month of the year of 2020. But this year in particular has been rougher than the past couple of years with worldly scale events and the biggest and the roughest one this far is the Novel Corona Virus 19 Pandemic (COVID19). It has been hitting us constantly throughout the past 4-5 months. All aspects of our lives has been effected ever since. Including our daily lives and activities in almost every way possible. And according to the WorldoMeters site of COVID19 that updated on daily basis, this far with only about 6% fatality rate, up to this moment we have got about 400.000+ death toll worldwide. Our deepest condolences to all of the families left behind.

But thanks to all the medical professionals who has been the front liners and their hard work in this pandemic, good governance of almost all the government all around the world and the solidarity between us the people of the world that we can endure and reduce the death tolls that could’ve made. And we, Koyota International Group as a bar soap manufacturer in Indonesia, are supporting and cooperating with all the government’s and WHO regulations and strategies in facing this pandemic.

According to WHO, we as a company and the people, there are couple of rules that we need to do to win this battle against COVID19 (click here to read the full to do list). Some countries even successfully managed to press the spread of the COVID19 by obeying the rules. Those rules, ready or not, will become the New Normal in the world and here is the list of 5 initial things we have to get used to during and post-pandemic era:

1. Stay Away! Keep your distance (Social Distancing)

Since the surfacing of the Corona Virus in 2019, it has been known that it would be very hard to contain the spread of the virus. According to WHO, the transmission of the virus is  commonly transmitted through respiratory droplets and mucous membranes. This is why the WHO are suggesting to keep our distance (or socially distancing) at least 3 feet away (about 1 meter) and don’t go into public areas with no necessities to avoid further transmission and to cut the spread.

  1. Mask is the New Fashion

Wearing mask to some people might not be a usual thing to do on daily basis. But since the study that has been done by the medical professionals shows that the wearing of the mask could reduce up to 70% of the spread of the corona virus. In this critical time, wearing a mask is an initial thing to do and if you really have to go out and sooner or later it will become a new necessity,  a New Normal for all of us

  1. Stop touching your face, your hands are dirty!

It is a quirk of human kind of touching our faces without us even knowing. But do you know that a study have shown that the human hands has approximately 3900 bacteria colonies/cm2? Imagine touching your face in this pandemic time. You wouldn’t have known which surface you have touched and has not been contaminated by the corona virus. Please do minimize the face touching, especially now.

  1. Wet Wipes Are Not Only for Babies

Do you know that the corona virus can last on metal and plastic surfaces? With the alcohol and other active agents contained in the wet wipes could reduce the microorganisms living in metal or plastic surfaces we touch. In the end bringing your own wet wipes might be on your list from now on and wet wipes are not only for babies!

  1. Wash Your Hands Regularly

I believe that all of us couldn’t even count of how many public properties we have touched in a day. Especially for those people who are still have to work in this pandemic time. According to various studies washing our hands can reduce your hands contamination of bacteria and viruses. To protect your family and your loved ones, Koyota International Group have created an antibacterial bar soap under the brand of Antibac. With TCC (Trichlorocarbanilide) as an active agent against multiple microorganisms we believe and will support everyone to improve our hygiene quality in our lives. So please, do wash your hands regularly!


In the end this is the battle for all of us. A battle against the COVID19. To win the battle, is depending on us whether you would do as the medical and World Health Organization professionals suggested or not. Our company, Koyota International Group, is also part of this battle. As a proud Indonesian bar soap manufacturer, can only do our best by giving you products with high quality and affordability for all kind of people. But sooner or later, hygiene will the highest necessity in supporting our daily activities. And ready or not, humanity have to be ready entering a new phase of life, a new chapter of the world, we have to be ready for the New Normal.