We are KOYOTA INTERNATIONAL GROUP, Indonesian bar soap manufacturer. Our factory is located in East Jakarta, Bekasi City. KOYOTA established to develop and manufacture wide variety of high quality bar soap and other hygiene products for every member of the family. To date, we have made 14 distinctive brands that cover different personal care and export needs. In the following pages our products themselves will tell the story of our innovation, determination and pride.


        To be the brand of choice.


        We manufacture quality and higher value products that satisfy the desires of consumers and
        enrich their daily lives through our commitment to the best professional and industrial practices.


  • We will use our natural resources, human capabilities and latest technology to achieve the best advantage for consumers.
  • We set ourselves the highest standards in relation to business practices, safety and care for the environment.
  • We will fulfill our social responsibilities and never abandon the spirit of innovation at all stages of our work.
  • We pride ourselves on our commitment and we will never compromise our standards.


        We are determined to fulfill our commitment to manufacture each piece of soap as perfect as a pearl at the price of a single lemon.